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Mon Dec 4 18:50:24 EST 2023

Webpliance 15U Series Cabinet Enclosure

Tired of delicate electronics succumbing to the elements? Introducing the Firm Series Outdoor Cabinet, the all-weather fortress safeguarding your essential tech. It's not just a box; it's a bulletproof shield against rain, dust, sun, rust, and even lightning.

Imagine: Your network equipment, control panels, batteries, or monitoring systems thriving in the harshest conditions. No more worrying about rust, fading, or overheating.

A sleek, modern cabinet that blends seamlessly with your outdoor space. Forget clunky eyesores – this is industrial design with purpose.

Unmatched strength and security. This cabinet can withstand over 220 pounds of pressure, keeping your valuables safe from prying hands and curious critters.

Customization to your heart's content. Choose from various thicknesses, materials, colors, and protection levels to create the perfect fit.

Here's why the Firm Series is the ultimate outdoor tech defender:

IP55+ weatherproof: Impervious to rain, snow, sleet, and dust. Even lightning can't crack its armor.

Durable construction: Heavy-duty SECC steel with a professional outdoor powder coat stands strong against corrosion and UV damage.

Modular design: Install equipment vertically or horizontally to maximize space and keep things organized.

Ventilation and heat dissipation: Your tech stays cool and running smoothly, even in blistering heat.

Anti-theft features: Keep your valuables safe with secure locks and a sturdy build.

Stop compromising. The Firm Series Outdoor Cabinet is the ultimate investment in protecting your vital outdoor tech.

Don't wait for the next storm to damage your equipment. Order your Firm Series Cabinet today and weather any challenge with confidence!


Model: Firm-15U 

Overall Size?W*H*D): 600*800*450mm

Inner Size?W*H*D):  590*750*440mm

Weight?kg): 39


Overall Size?W*H*D): 600*1000*450mm

Inner Size?W*H*D): 590*750*440mm

Weight?kg): 48

Standard Parameters:

Brand: Webpliance

Thickness: 1.5mm

Series: Firm

Material: SECC/Galvanized Steel

Name: Outdoor Cabinet

Color: Light grey+grey

IP Level: IP55

Doors: 1

Electrical Install Plates: *2

Surface Treatment: Electrostatic Spraying

Installation: Pole/Wall Mounting

Function: Junction, Distribution, Electrical, Battery, Control, Monitoring etc.

Outdoor waterproof cabinet

Different installation parts can be purchased for pole, wall or floor installation.

The same cabinet can meet the construction needs of different installation scenarios at the same time.