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Sun Dec 3 14:33:02 EST 2023

4K HD Network Eyeball Camera

Webpliance 4K Triple Protection Turret IP Security Camera - Unparalleled Security with Cutting-Edge Technology

Webpliance extends its legacy of trailblazing security solutions with the introduction of the 4K Triple Protection Turret IP Security Camera. With an amalgamation of 4K resolution, NDAA compliance, and three advanced security features – ColorHunter technology, Active Deterrence, and Deep Learning AI – this camera is more than just a surveillance tool; it's your property's vigilant protector.

Highlight Features:

4K Ultra HD Resolution:

Witness a new level of clarity with the camera's 4K video capturing capability (3840x2160 pixels at 30 FPS). With 4K resolution, every footage isn’t just detailed; it's crystal clear, offering visual precision.

2.8mm Fixed Lens:

Benefit from a wide-angle view with its 2.8mm lens, ensuring a broad 106.7° horizontal field of view. No detail is too insignificant, no area too vast for its watchful gaze.

24/7 Color Illumination with ColorHunter:

Low-light conditions or midnight, ColorHunter ensures your footage remains vibrant and colorful, primarily utilizing white floodlights.

Active Deterrence:

More than just passive surveillance, the built-in floodlights and speakers can deter potential intruders. Flashing lights and audible warnings can be triggered upon human detection, offering a proactive security measure.

Deep Learning AI:  

Sift through vital events and filter out inconsequential ones. With AI capabilities, the camera discerns between humans, vehicles, and other motions, making surveillance efficient and alerting only when it matters.

Smart Intrusion Prevention:

With a range of detection features like Cross Line, Intrusion, and Area Monitoring, the camera preemptively identifies potential threats, triggering light and sound alarms upon detection.

2-Way Audio Communication:  

Engage in real-time communication with built-in microphones and speakers. Whether it's a friendly chat or a stern warning, communication is seamless.

Sturdy and Resilient Build:  

Engineered to resist, with an IP67 rating, it braves dust, rain, and even immersion up to 3 feet in water.

Night Vision: 

Visibility isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. With up to 100ft IR range, darkness is no obstacle to this camera's ceaseless vigilance.

Effortless Integration:  

Whether you’re integrating with an existing setup or setting up a new one, compatibility is guaranteed with ONVIF standards and Webpliance's Plug & Play with POE NVRs.

User-Friendly Remote Access:  

Manage and monitor on the move. With Webpliance’s suite of applications, access your feeds, play back footage, and adjust settings, wherever you are.

NDAA Compliant: 

Built with the utmost reliability and compliance, making it suitable for installation even on U.S. government properties.


The Webpliance 4K Triple Protection Turret IP Security Camera is a testament to how advanced tech can redefine security. With precision, intelligence, and active deterrence, it doesn't just record; it guards. Elevate your security game today; peace of mind is just one installation away.