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Sun Dec 3 14:33:02 EST 2023

4MP HD Network Eyeball Camera

Webpliance's Tripple Protection Series: 4MP Eye Ball Camera - A Synthesis of Brilliance, Security, and Innovation

The surveillance industry is no stranger to technological advancements, but Webpliance's Tripple Protection Series raises the bar, seamlessly fusing exceptional artificial intelligence, active deterrence features, and unmatched ColorHunter Illumination technology.

Top Features:

1. A Symphony of Intelligent Events: 

With capabilities ranging from Cross Line Detection, Area Entrance & Exit Monitoring to the more advanced Crowd Density and People Counting, this device doesn’t just record; it actively analyses.

2. Superior Image Clarity with 4MP HD Resolution:

Boasting a resolution of 2688x1520 pixels, it captures every subtle detail, offering users the crystal clarity they deserve.

3. A Broad View with 2.8mm Fixed Lens:

Its expansive 101.1° horizontal field of view ensures maximum area coverage, reducing blind spots and heightening security.

4. 24/7 Color Illumination:

The days of grainy, monochromatic footage are gone. Thanks to ColorHunter tech, enjoy vibrant, lifelike colors round the clock.

5. No Nuisance with Active Deterrence:

Alert potential trespassers instantly using its integrated floodlights and speakers, amplifying security levels.

6. Precision with Artificial Intelligence:

Bidding farewell to false alerts, its deep learning AI discerns important events, making surveillance more efficient and reliable.

7. Engage with 2-Way Audio:

From greeting visitors to warning off intruders, the integrated mic and speaker render seamless communication.

8. Government-Grade Compliance with NDAA:

Constructed using trusted technologies, it’s NDAA-compliant, ensuring reliability, especially on U.S. government properties.

9. Built for the Outdoors:

Its IP67 rating not only promises protection against dust but also resilience against immersion in water up to 3 feet.

10. Peer into the Night:

Operational even in utter darkness, the IR range of up to 100ft ensures nothing escapes its watchful gaze.

11. On-the-Go Monitoring with Remote Access:

Stay connected wherever you are, leveraging the power of Webpliance's advanced mobile and desktop applications. Whether you're an advanced user or a beginner, these applications serve your unique needs, from adjusting intricate settings to just viewing live feeds.

12. Plug & Play Integration:

Installation is a breeze with Webpliance’s line of POE NVRs. With a simple plug-in, instant video access is at your fingertips on the recorder’s HDMI interface. And, using the provided apps, you can easily manage your system remotely.

13. Universal Compatibility with ONVIF:

Expansion and integration with other systems is hassle-free. This camera’s adherence to ONVIF standards means it will effortlessly sync with any ONVIF-compatible recorder, enhancing its adaptability.

Specifications Snapshot:

- Image Quality: 4MP, 1/3"CMOS sensor, ensuring vibrant pictures.

- Multiple Resolutions: Ranging from 4MP (2688*1520) to 2MP (1920*1080) at varying frame rates.

- Advanced Compression Formats: Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, MJPEG for efficient storage and clear footage.

- Exceptional Light Balance: 120dB true WDR technology for balanced images in varied lighting.

- Unique 9:16 Corridor Mode: Maximizing vertical field view in narrow scenarios.

- Audio Capabilities: Built-in Mic & Speaker for two-way communication.

- Night Vision: Smart IR up to 30m (98ft) & white light distance also up to 30m (98ft).

- Storage: Supports up to 128 G Micro SD card.

- Durability: IP67 rated for protection against elements.

- Power: Supports PoE power supply.

- Adjustability: 3-Axis adjustment for optimum positioning.


The Webpliance 4MP Eye Ball Camera from the Tripple Protection series is a formidable entrant in the surveillance arena. With a harmonious blend of tech-savvy features and user-centric functionalities, it’s not just a camera; it’s a testament to how surveillance technology can enhance security, convenience, and peace of mind. Choose this model and join the future of surveillance today!