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Mon Dec 4 13:10:16 EST 2023

Webpliance 8 CH SMART Network Appliance

Webpliance 8 CH Intelligent Network Server 8-Channel 4K Review

When setting up a CCTV system, the decision on the video recorder can significantly impact the efficiency and reliability of the entire setup. The NVR302-08S2-P8 from Webpliance promises to be an asset in this aspect, tailored for mid-sized installations.

Main Features:

**Optimized for Medium Installations:**  

The 8-channel design makes this NVR a perfect fit for standard installations. Whether you're setting up surveillance for a mid-sized office, a retail store, or a large residence, it meets the demands seamlessly.

**Crystal Clear Resolution:**  

With support for 4K Ultra HD, this NVR ensures every detail is captured with exceptional clarity, making footage review more precise.

**Efficient Video Compression:**  

Ultra265, H.265, and H.264 support ensures efficient storage use without compromising video quality, allowing longer recording periods before storage maxes out.

**Streamlined Setup with PoE:**  

The integrated Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology simplifies the installation process. With a single Ethernet cable required per camera, it minimizes the cable clutter and shortens the setup time.

**Flexible and Reliable Recording:**  

24/7 recording ensures no event goes unnoticed. Additionally, users can set custom schedules or motion-triggered recording, adapting to specific surveillance needs.

**Safeguarded by NDAA Compliance:**  

Meeting the NDAA standards ensures the device can be confidently used on U.S. government properties, reflecting its trustworthiness.

**Accessible Anywhere, Anytime:**  

Whether you're at the site or on-the-go, this NVR allows easy access to the camera feeds. Local viewing is facilitated through an HD-TV or monitor connection. And if the NVR is internet-enabled, remote viewing is a breeze via the dedicated app.

### **Specifications at a Glance:**

- **Channels:** 8 IP channels

- **Maximum Resolution:** 4K Ultra HD

- **Bandwidth:** 160Mbps (Incoming), 64Mbps (Outgoing)

- **Video Compression Formats:** Ultra H.265, H.265, H.264

- **Storage:** 2 HDD slots supporting up to 10TB each

- **Synchronous Playback:** 8 channels

- **PoE Ports:** 8

- **Audio/Alarm Ports:** 1ch/1ch (Audio), 4ch/1ch (Alarm)

- **Compatibility:** ONVIF compliant

- **Power Supply:** 100-240VAC, consumption up to 130W

- **Operating Temperature Range:** 14°F to 131°F

- **Dimensions & Weight:** 14.9 x 12.4 x 2.1 inches; approximately 5.29lbs

### **Conclusion:**  

For those seeking a reliable NVR for standard installations, the NVR302-08S2-P8 offers an impressive set of features encapsulated in a dependable and efficient system. It manages to strike a balance between cutting-edge technology and user-friendly functionalities, making it a worthy choice for diverse surveillance needs.

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