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March 27, 2024

How to view your CCTV network on Guard Viewer
Guard Viewer is a mobile surveillance client app. With this app you can access surveillance products (Network Cameras, Network Speed Domes, NVRs) through network and view live or recorded video, receive alarms and manage cloud devices using your mobile phone. Guard Viewer provides a unified management for PeachWiz’s IP cameras, NVRs, hybrid NVRs, network keyboards, decoding devices, and access control etc.

Simply follow the steps listed below:

Step 1. Go to the https://cctvsecurity.systems/Useful_Links page and select Android or IOS Apps store and install the Guard Viewer App in your mobile device or tablet.

Step 2. Open the app

Step 3. Read and accept terms

Step 4. After installing app click on the "Try Now" button under the login button

Step 5. Click in the Menu to open side menu.

Step 6. Click on the Devices link on side menu to open Devices

Step 7. Click on the "Add" device button

Step 8. Click on the "Add Without Sign up" option

Step 9. Click "OK" to Allow app access to camera

Step 10. Select to Scan OCR and Scan the OCR provided with documentation

Step 11. Enter username and password provided with documentation

Step 12. Click on the "Add" button to add the device

Step 13. Click on the device "My Devices"

Step 14.  Select the "Start Live View" option

Step 15. View live view screen.

Step 16. If more cameras slide screen

Step 17. Rotate screen

Step 18. Click on camera and rotate to view it full screen

Below are some features available depending on NVR

Diverse functions:
Live view: scene, custom layout, split screen, auxiliary screen display, corridor mode, sequence display, audio, two-way audio
Recording: local recording, alarm-triggered recording, scheduled recording, recording download
Playback: synchronous/asynchronous playback, instant playback, recording search by time/event, and play recordings on SD card

PTZ control: preset, preset patrol, recorded patrol, patrol plan
Alarm: Service alarm (event alarm), device alarm (online/offline, etc.), alarm triggering (live view, etc.), real-time/history alarm management
E-Map: hot spot, hot zone, eagle eye, and map alarm
Video wall: live view, sequence display and playback on video wall, alarm to video wall, open window(s) by one click, auto bind decoding channel, multi-window for one decoding channel, save and switch scene, small pixel pitch LED, virtual LED

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Title: How to view your CCTV network on Guard Viewer

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