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December 03, 2023

Why Some Hyundai and Kia Models Are So Easy To Steal and Favored By Thieves
The Rise in Hyundai and Kia Car Thefts: A Closer Look at the Recent Trend

In the automotive world, a concerning trend has emerged: certain Hyundai and Kia models have become surprisingly easy targets for thieves, and the reasons why are stirring up quite a conversation. Let’s delve into this issue that has caught many car owners off guard.

The Root of the Problem: A Combination of Technology and Viral Challenges
It all started in Milwaukee in mid-2022 when a group known as the Kia Boys disclosed a startlingly simple method to steal specific Kia and Hyundai vehicles using just basic tools. Their revelation went viral on TikTok under the guise of the "Kia Challenge," sparking a nationwide spree of car thefts and social media infamy.

The Vulnerability: A Missing Security Feature
The critical factor making these cars an easy mark is the absence of an immobilizer—a standard anti-theft device in many modern vehicles that prevents the engine from starting without the correct key or fob. Without this, thieves can effortlessly bypass the car’s security by breaking in, exposing the ignition cylinder, and starting the car with any inserted tool that turns the lock.

Affected Models: Who Should Be Concerned?
Hyundai and Kia models from the 2011-2021 production years lacking immobilizers are especially at risk. These are typically models that use a traditional key for ignition. On the flip side, models with a push-button start system are less affected, as they usually come with an immobilizer.

The Manufacturers’ Countermeasures: Are They Enough?
In response, Hyundai has introduced a security kit designed to sound an alarm and immobilize the ignition if a break-in is detected. This move, however, has met with criticism due to the extra cost burden on the vehicle owners.

Both Hyundai and Kia have resorted to donating steering-wheel locks to police for distribution in the affected areas and are reportedly developing a software patch slated for release in the upcoming year. Moreover, starting with their 2022 models, immobilizers have become a standard feature for new cars rolling off their production lines.

Advice for Owners of At-Risk Vehicles: Proactive Measures
If you own one of these potentially at-risk models, staying ahead of this issue is crucial. You could invest in Hyundai’s security kit or look into alternative theft-prevention methods like kill switches or pedal locks. Checking with your local police department for a free steering wheel lock could also be a beneficial step. Additionally, affordable wheel locks are readily available at most auto parts stores or online.

Legal Action and the Road Ahead
The rise in thefts has not gone unnoticed, with class-action lawsuits piling up against the two carmakers. If you’re affected, joining one of these lawsuits could potentially offer compensation down the line.

In the end, awareness and taking preventive action are key. Until Hyundai and Kia’s promised software update materializes, car owners must navigate this challenging landscape with caution and resourcefulness. Keep your eyes open, stay informed, and consider taking practical steps to ensure your vehicle doesn't fall prey to this alarming trend.

Combating Car Theft Community Wide

This article outlines why these makes have become thieves' favorites and the models most at risk, providing owners with crucial insights and preventive tactics to safeguard their cars. However, individual actions, while essential, can be further bolstered by community-wide initiatives.

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Title: Why Some Hyundai and Kia Models Are So Easy To Steal and Favored By Thieves

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